'Shukr' Scandi Knitted Wire Word


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Our knitted words are a perfect gift or decoration for little ones nursery!

Our Scandi hand knitted 'Shukr' wire words are the perfect and cute reminder for the little blessings in our lives.  Shukr (Arabic word for conveying meaning of showing "Gratitude/ Thankfulness towards God" ).

Made from steel wire, they are meticulously wrapped & knitted using 100% cotton yarn, and all made freehand. The size does vary slightly as due to the nature of being hand made no two products will ever identical in every way. The height is approx. around 15cm for the first letter and 7cm for a lower-case letter. Word length is approx. 37cm

The wire words can be displayed on a peg rail, placed on a shelf or picture frame, or wall mounted. 

Extra piece of matching yarn is provided with each order so you can use a piece of this, tied to either end of your word, for hanging. Alternatively, you can hang them on your wall using small picture hook pins.

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Materials: Steel wire. 100% cotton yarn

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Please note: This item is for decoration purposes only and is not a toy.