OUaD is a family-owned brand creating Scandinavian-influenced, faith-inspired baby products for modern Muslim families looking for exquisite items that celebrate their values.

The founders (husband and wife duo, Ash & Jayda) created a highly-giftable collection that makes it easier to introduce meaningful conversations and find space for togetherness within our busy lives. Having already been acknowledged for style and quality strengthened their resolve to be recognised as a world-leading brand that positively impacts future generations.

As parents and business owners - our purpose for creating OUaD was to inspire conscious connections! We wanted to enrich the lives of modern Muslim famillies by creating moments of togetherness through considered design.

Our brand values

Inspiring Wellbeing

OUaD creates environments for meaningful conversations within families and between peers. We believe in the ability to dream big and provide tools to improve the reality of life, making it easier for communities to recognise their value and make purposeful choices.

Considered Quality

OUaD is about creating a legacy through every product, partnership and service. The brand stands for gift-worthy, high-end quality, and beautiful aesthetics that are safe for a child and can be appreciated by all family members. We see it as our duty to maintain trust by being credible. As parents and business owners – we don't just say it; we do it.

Exceeding Expectations

OUaD was created to be relied upon by its clients. This can only happen if we keep choosing transparency, creating chances and improving the world around us through the designs we choose and how we agree to make them. We care about providing peace of mind to our clients through all our actions.

Conscious Connection

OUaD creates spaces for conversations, encourages togetherness, nurtures confidence, and infuses joy into a busy family day. We are open about what we believe in – our choices are inspired by our faith – and we use the platform of OUaD to share this with love from our family to yours.