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Baghera speedster aeroplane ride-on car! For Aged 1 and above.


About to take off in the splendid Baghera speedster aeroplane ride-on car! Aged 1 and above, your toddler will set out to conquer their surroundings. Fasten your seatbelts for a bumpy ride.

A retro aeroplane ride on to move about in style

The wings and mini propellers make our Speedster aeroplane irresistible, don't they? We have even added wings to our logo to reinforce the aviation theme. 

Its grey metal bodywork and brown wings give it an irresistible charm.  

Of course, your little one won't really take off in this plane. But that doesn't matter, since the best adventures take place within their energetic little heads. 

Cleared for takeoff in full safety with the Speedster Aeroplane

The Speedster Aeroplane is suitable for toddlers aged 1 and above. No question of skimping on safety. The ride-on is fitted with 3 tyres, two at the front and one at the back. These ensure stability and give the vehicle excellent road-holding abilities on the runway of your living room floor. It moves silently. The cabin is made of strong metal to resist impacts of rough play by little ones. The flight hours will run at full speed when they pilot the aircraft!

Learning to pilot a plane for developing motor skills

Aged 1 and above, your toddler will start standing up on their own and try to take their  first steps. This is the perfect time to get them our Baghera aeroplane ride-on. Comfortably positioned on the seat with their chubby hands grasping the steering wheel, your little one will only need to push off with their feet to embark on their new adventure.
Turning the wheel will improve coordination of their body movements, and they can learn to freely move about.

The Speedster aeroplane ride-on : an unforgettable gift

Births, birthdays, baby showers, Eid, whatever the occasion, the Speedster aeroplane makes for a truly original choice of present. No more headaches trying to find THE right present idea, because it's right before your eyes. There's one thing you can be sure of: Nobody will have had the same idea as you!
If baby hasn't been born yet, or if they're still too little, our ride-on still makes a perfect decorative piece in a children's bedroom. They will sensibly wait until it is time to get in the car and rev up the imaginary engine.


Personalised baby gift
If you're giving the Speedster Aeroplane as a birthday present, why not get it personalised to make for a extra special gift.

good to know

I'm made from:

Metal Chassis, rubber wheels

I'm suitable for:

Age: 1-3 years.

My size:

Dimensions: 75 x 25 x 45 cm

Assemble instruction: self-assembly required

1. Adult assembly required. Presence of small parts that can be ingested. Choking hazard. Be sure to follow the assembly procedures.

2. Make sure to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the main parts.

3. Make sure the screws and bolts are tight before use.

4. The driver's weight must not exceed 20 kg.

5. This ride-on should be used under adult supervision. Single passenger only.

6. The toy should be used with caution since skill is required to avoid falls or collisions causing injury to the user or third parties.

7. Not suitable for children under 1 year old and should not be used by children over 3 years old, due to insufficient resistance.

8. This ride-on does not have brakes. Never use it on public roads, near streets, swimming pools, slopes, stairs, or on uneven grounds for jumps and stunts. Always wear shoes for its use.

9. Clean only with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use detergents.

Assembly time:

25 min

safety stuff

I've passed the test: All of the Baghera cars comply with and are built in accordance to European standards and have been subjected to comprehensive testing, which has been carried out by accredited external laboratories.